Parents, please join us for a beautification work party at Wedgwood and Woodland Park Branches on Saturday, March 16, 2013 from 10:00a.m. to 2:00p.m.

This community building event will offer time to mingle and get to know other families and share your ideas for other social events as well as ways to contribute to our school.  We will have classroom sign-up sheets with project ideas that we would like to have done on the 16th with additional space for you to add projects ideas you have and would like to do or organize for the school.

Work project ideas for Wedgwood include:

  • Flowers planted in our window pots, standing pots
  • We would like our hanging planter replanted.
  • We would love to have new benches by our gate.
  • Sand and refinish our wood tables and picnic tables (this is a job that will gradually be completed).
  • We would love our fruit trees pruned Julie will help.
  • Bring and place slats in cyclone fence at the end of Louise and Tebby’s walkway.
  • In addition to sprucing up our indoor and outdoor environments you will have time to mingle with our parent community.
  • Maybe some light classroom painting.
  • Home work ideas:
  • New placemats and curtains for Laura and Elisabeth’s room.
  • Knit clothes
  • Sew or finish sewing new aprons
  • Contribute toward new blinds in all the rooms.

Work Party Project ideas for Woodland Park:

  • Re-plant outdoor flowerpots.
  • Bring a powerwasher to clean around the school.
  • Paint yellow table legs
  • Begin the process of refinishing wood tables in all rooms.
  • Re-pot indoor plants with fertilizer and compost.
  • Please bring gloves and tools and items for the projects you plan to participate in.  We will have varnish and oil for wood furniture.
  • A list will be available for you to sign up  and also a place to share your ideas for future projects.

See you on the 16th!! Do a sun Dance!!  Bring a lunch or snack.  Don’t forget your gloves!

*On another note a copy of our emergency plan will be posted on this blog site for your convenience.  Safety updates include:  Rolling emergency kit Backpacks for every room.  Film will be put on windows by March 16th.  We will update you on the Wedgwood fence lock and gate as soon as we hear back with bids.