20131106072751-BADGEv04small-150x150Join us in supporting an important Montessori film.

Please do not consider this a solicitation, but rather information about this project.

Two Montessori parents set out to film a documentary about the school that changed their children’s lives, how they parent, and who they are. Enjoy a special segment from the producers and the documentary trailer below. Building the Pink Tower intertwines expert interviews with beautifully filmed, authentic stories of how Montessori education is changing the lives of children.

We believe all children deserve to go to school in an environment that honors their unique talents, encourages their natural interest in learning, and supports their development of concentration, collaboration, and creativity. That’s why we decided to make Building the Pink Tower … a documentary film that will break down myths about Montessori education and promote dialogue about how to honor the developmental needs of children while preparing them for the future.