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2017 Annual Giving

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Each year, Annual Giving contributions support Northwest Montessori School’s general operating budget to help offset expenses not covered by tuition. Your tax-deductible gift immediately benefits each student by providing funds for new classroom materials, school programs, and campus improvements.
Tuition covers 90% of the annual operating budget.
Annual Giving fills the gap between tuition and expenses.
Our $75,000 goal provides funds to be used this year at all three campuses.

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Every year, we replace Montessori materials in each room. These materials are used daily and periodically need to be refreshed. Our last campaign helped fund the replacement of cubbies in all of our classrooms and the refinishing of tables and chairs. We are very fortunate to have parents who helped with this. This year, we hope to fund the continuation of these projects, along with additional upgrades.

Annual Giving allows us to improve and upgrade each location with unrestricted funds. Recent campaigns have allowed us to resurface parking lots in Woodland Park and Wedgwood, upgrade an outdated fire alarm system, purchase a new appliances, improve security measures, install new floors, and beautify all three of our campuses.

We aim to share Montessori education with all children. Our financial aid program provides need-based aid to families who might not otherwise be able to attend Northwest Montessori School. This year, we are providing scholarships for 15% of our students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Northwest Montessori School fundraise?

Tuition alone does not fulfill the needs of the annual operating budget of our nonprofit organization. Fundraising is required to provide the outstanding Montessori education our families expect.

Why not raise tuition instead of fundraising?

Fundraising allows families to contribute to Northwest Montessori School through tax deductible contributions, while keeping tuition affordable and approachable for a broader range of students.

Who gives to the Annual Giving Campaign?

We already have full participation from Northwest Montessori staff and the Board. We are now reaching out to current families, alumni, grandparents, and extended family and friends of Northwest Montessori. Corporate matching gifts also make an impact.

How much should we give?

Our goal is 100% participation. One month’s tuition is suggested, per enrolled student, however any amount is gladly accepted.

How do I contribute to the Annual Giving Campaign?

Turn in your Pledge Card at Parent’s Night Out on November 17th, or during student drop-off. Your contribution may be made as a one-time payment or up to 6 monthly installments.

How does the Annual Giving Campaign differ from other fundraisers throughout the year?

Funds raised during the Annual Giving Campaign go directly to the operating budget for this school year. Contributions are used to enhance classroom environments, for campus improvements, and for the Marietta Rawson Scholarship Fund, which ensures Montessori education for a broad range of children. In contrast, other fundraisers may be for staff development or a specific capital project.

Our fall Equal Exchange fundraiser is dedicated to continuing staff education, and the Spring Fundraiser and Social are devoted to a specific capital project, such as parking lot or security upgrades.

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