Our mission is to provide an individualized learning environment, based on the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, that is designed to help students become independent, life-long learners who are academically grounded and socially confident about their place in the world.


Our goal is to build an environment that will help every student explore, communicate, work and perfect skills to their highest potential. We want each student to grow in self-esteem, well-grounded in academics and joyful about learning.

Chapter 24 – The Tumultuous Teens

THE TUMULTUOUS TEENS There is probably no age more completely understood than this one, even though every adult can vividly...
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Chapter 23 – The Reality of toys

THE REALITY OF TOYS Toys are a billion-dollar business, the source of many jobs and many fortunes, entirely dependent on...
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Chapter 22 – Stress

STRESS Please do not expect me to solve the problem of stress. Stress lies somewhere between burnout and boredom, solutions can...
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Chapter 21 – Boredom

BOREDOM Children will often say, "I'm bored!" It is hard to know what to do about it. I am thinking of a boy of seven who...
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Chapter 20 – Genius???

GENIUS??? Most parents, when asked whether they would like to have a child genius, would answer, "NO." They would say that they...
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Chapter 19 – Whose fault is it?

WHOSE FAULT IS IT? "Everything has got to be somebody's fault!" This was the plaint of a seven-year old boy trying to cope with...
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Chapter 18 – Be Quiet!

BE QUIET! Noise is a problem in our society. If we live near the airport we hear the jets scream. If we live on a busy street...
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Chapter 17 – Obedience

OBEDIENCE Children, obey your parents! Most books on parenting are manuals on how to get small human beings to obey. Emphasis is...
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Chapter 16 – Courtesy

COURTESY Courtesy is called good manners, as opposed to bad manners. A "manner" can be good or bad according to the society in...
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2016-2017 New School Year!

Welcome to the 2016-2017 year at Northwest Montessori School! This summer mailing includes a schedule detailing the beginning of...
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A kind, caring, welcoming teachers and community. The school is a bit small, but they make up for that by using community resources. I love true Montessori approach.. students learn independence, thoughtfulness, creative thinking and community awareness in a way no traditional school can offer. I don’t worry about my daughter not having to memorize answers for tests, because here she develops the skills necessary to find the information she needs. A Montessori student is never lost.


We have a very bright child who was bored at the local Catholic school and a child with significant learning delays. Both children are THRIVING. The education is exceptionally child-centered–math, english, and science learnings have been remarkable. We have found this school to be nothing less than flexible, loving and supportive. Can’t recommend highly enough!


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