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Spring Fundraiser 2015

Spring Fundraiser 2015

Our Spring Fundraising Campaign is in full spring! As we strive to meet our spring funding goal, make a donation and then join us for some fun events and help us raise more money for the school at the same time. More info

Get your Tickets for “Alice”

Drama Llamas presents “Alice in Wonderland” – April 2nd at 6:30pm. Get your Advance Tickets HERE

A kind, caring, welcoming teachers and community. The school is a bit small, but they make up for that by using community resources. I love true Montessori approach.. students learn independence, thoughtfulness, creative thinking and community awareness in a way no traditional school can offer. I don’t worry about my daughter not having to memorize answers for tests, because here she develops the skills necessary to find the information she needs. A Montessori student is never lost.


We have a very bright child who was bored at the local Catholic school and a child with significant learning delays. Both children are THRIVING. The education is exceptionally child-centered–math, english, and science learnings have been remarkable. We have found this school to be nothing less than flexible, loving and supportive. Can’t recommend highly enough!


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